EE to EE number porting?

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EE to EE number porting?

Hello all,

I have a contract with EE which is about to run out and I also have a SIM only plan with them. When my contract runs out I am going to cancel that plan and use my SIM only plan exclusively.

I would like to move the phone number from my contract plan to that SIM only plan. I understand that internal number porting is not possible with EE (I don't know why, you can do it with Three!?).

So I guess I need to port my contract number with EE to a PAYG SIM with another provider, and then port that to my EE SIM only plan. Correct?

Please can someone recommend the best PAYG provider to use for this? Preferably a free one that doesn't require it to be topped up to activate.
Thank you

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