How to make a one bit per pixel image file?

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How to make a one bit per pixel image file?

Hello all,

I am trying do make a black and white pixelated image, with 10x10 pixels, which should have a final size of around 100 bits, from simple my calculations.

I created a 10x10 pix canvas on SketchBookExpress and then did the black/white drawing on Paint (probably could have done all in paint, but nevermind). Then I used IrfanView to get the color depth down to 2 and saved the file as .bmp

The thing is, now the file has 102 bytes. So it seems like its using 8 bits (1byte) per pixel + some addressing (?).

How can I have a 100-bit sized image file?

Or, straightforwardly: What image format\configuration can I use to have a 1 bit per pixel image?

Thank you

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