Is now a good time to buy a macbook pro?

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Is now a good time to buy a macbook pro?

Hello all,

Well, I have been considering buying a macbook pro for a while now, and now that the new macbooks have geforce 8600m gt's, I am actually appealed. However, even on the new macbook pros, you can not get one with more dedicated video memory than 256mb, and it seems like it has been like that for a long time.

So I would think they would be planning on offering a revision of their macbook pros that would offer 512mb of dedicated video memory soon. So has anyone heard of upcoming macbook pro revisions?

Basically is now a good time to buy a macbook pro, cause I really dont want to buy the $2500 macbook pro with only 256mb dedicated video memory only to have apple release a revised macbook pro with better graphics and more dedicated video memory right after I purchase it.

Any input would be appreiated.
Thank you

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