Large-screen MP3 Player?

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Large-screen MP3 Player?

Hello all,

I'm looking for an MP3 player with a large screen. I was absolutely ecstatic when I handled the Samsung Galaxy Player 5.0....only to discover that it's not only discontinued but even picking up a refurb is fraught with peril (a multitude of horror stories abound about this particular item and refurbish purchases) and if that wasn't enough, the hardware itself is somewhat out-dated with no updates planned for the software in future. I've used the 4.0 and wasn't as happy with the screen size and I've not been able to determine if it suffers from the same hardware/software dating issues.

I liked the large size of the screen because it was big enough for me to do things like read comfortably, watch videos, and use a wide variety of apps but not be so big as to not fit in a pocket.

Are there any other MP3 players out there with larger screens that run Android that I could look at?

Thank you

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