Questions on MPC-HC/BE, LAV audio filters

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Questions on MPC-HC/BE, LAV audio filters

. When I first set up my HTPC I believed that there was no benefit to using 64-bit versions of MPC, LAV, etc, so I used all 32-bit. Then at some point a couple of years ago I switched to MPC-BE and started using 64-bit everything. Is there any reason to switch back to 32-bit software? I don't know if 64-bit has been causing me any problems, but I do think that my system is operating close to its red line and I occasionally get a random video-freeze or the video I'm watching gets jumpy or speeds up.

2. Is there any reason to ditch MPC-BE in favor of the original MPC-HC? (again, as far as I can tell MPC-BE 64bit has been OK)

Please help.

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